SOYL Compatible Launched at LAMMA 

21 January 2010

The LAMMA event at Newark saw the launch of SOYL's new service guarantee, 'SOYL Compatible'.  The SOYL Compatible logo assures customers that the equipment or software in question can be used with SOYL maps.

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New Website Launch for SOYLsense 

04 January 2010

This season's variable nitrogen campaign is underway across the U.K. starting with a series of workshops. The half-day sessions provide a chance to see first-hand, how imagery is translated into Leaf Area Index maps and how customers can manage their own application maps online on the new website. SOYLsense staff will be on-hand to answer any questions you may have.

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Meet The Team 

05 December 2009

Rebecca Parker has joined SOYL this year to run the SOYLsense variable rate nitrogen service. Those of you who have already booked up for next season may well have already spoken to Rebecca or met her at one of the SOYLsense workshops we are running.

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The Return of MultiYields 

20 November 2009
MultiYields is a software tool that SOYL have developed for analysing multiple years of yield data. Originally launched in 2002, SOYL have refined MultYields and are relaunching the service. It is designed to identify trends of high and low yielding areas over a period of years. Areas of non-stability are also identified. These areas can then be used to identify site specific management zones. MultiYields is available on a per hectare ... read more

Meet the SOYL Doctor 

23 October 2009
Meet SOYL’s lead SOYL Scientist, Simon Griffin, at the HGCA 2009 R & D Conference. Simon who is SOYL’s Technical Manager will speak on “Commercial Soil Mapping Services” at the event which will be held at the Belton Woods Hotel near Grantham on the 28th and 29th of October 2009. Simon is the UK’s leading precision farming soil scientist and is responsible for agronomic strategy and technical innovation at precision farming... read more
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