About SOYL

SOYL provides independent advice, services and support to growers who wish to use Precision Farming techniques to improve the economic, agronomic and environmental performance of their farm business.

Working with SOYL gives you access to a wide range of services, unparalleled experience and our commitment to develop a Precision Farming system that ensures sustainable production.

SOYL was formed in 1993 and have introduced a wide range of services that help growers implement and benefit from Precision Farming. Our most popular service is Precision Nutrient Management. Over one million acres of agricultural land has now been SOYL mapped in the UK.

We are also the precision farming partner to CLAAS UK.

How we can help your farm business;

  • Reduce fertiliser and lime costs
  • Apply nitrogen variably
  • Profit from your yield maps
  • Know your physical soils
  • Help you select suitable GPS equipment

Call Simon Parrington on 01635 204190 to discuss how your farm could benefit from our services.

Our services are available throughout the U.K.


TELEPHONE: 01635 204190

EMAIL: info@soyl.co.uk

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