Deep N

Why Take Deep Core Nitrogen?
  • Identify your soil nitrogen index
  • Quantify the nitrogen value of applied manures to reduce the likelihood of lodging
  • Justify your N rates e.g. for cross compliance, NVZ or Environment Agency assessment
  • To take full account of soil reserves to reduce fertiliser costs and environmental impact
  • To help target precise N rates for grain concentration in malting barley
  • To fine-tune your nitrogen applications with our SOYLsense service
How Does the Deep N Service Work?

You select at least 4 fields from around your farm that will represent your main soils/cropping blocks. Our service covers York down to the south coast.

We collect 10-15 cores across each field. The soil from each of the 3 depths is bulked together to give a sample for each depth for each field. The core locations are recorded with GPS so the same location can be used each year making it easier to compare seasonal trends.

The samples are kept cold and transported to an independent laboratory, NRM Ltd.

What Results do I Receive?
  • Cores taken at 0-30cm, 30-60cm and 60-90cm
  • 10-15 cores taken per field
  • Fast Nitrogen analysis delivered within 3-4 days

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Deep Nitrogen Auger

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