Precision Farming

SOYL provide advice, services and support to growers who wish to use Precision Farming techniques to improve the economic, agronomic and environmental performance of their farm business. Working with SOYL gives you access to a wide range of services, unparalleled experience and our commitment to develop a Precision Farming system that ensures sustainable production.


Save up to £30 per hectare per year by targeting P & K fertiliser.

Detailed soil nutrient information on P, K and lime to help you make precise, informed management more

Target nitrogen and gain up to £45 per hectare.

Variable rate nitrogen service based on Leaf Area Index maps and the HGCA more

Precision seed management for optimum seed rates delivered across each field.

Assess physical soil properties to calculate optimum seed rates across each field for improved crop management and more


100% compatible with U.K. GPS systems.

Maximise profit and reduce fertiliser costs by applying fertiliser variably for any GPS  more

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