SOYL-OPTI Variable Rate Application

A GPS variable rate application system, compatible with major spreaders, sprayers and drills.

The SOYL-OPTI is a rugged, GPS enabled terminal that downloads application maps whilst in the tractor.  Using mobile data transfer technology, you can download and view application files without the need to return to the farm office.  The system has touch screen functionality with 3 simple steps to start variable rate spreading, spraying and drilling.

SOYL-OPTI variable rate application

The SOYL-OPTI gives you;

  • improved operator efficiency
  • affordable variable rate capability
  • application maps available within minutes
  • increased profits through targeted, efficient use of inputs
  • compatibility with all major spreader, sprayer and drill controllers.

How does the SOYL-OPTI work?

OPTI screenshot step 1 OPTI screenshot step 2 OPTI screenshot step 3
Step 1: SOYL create application files and upload them to your online account.  Using SOYLsync mobile technology, download the application files direct to the SOYL-OPTI terminal.  Step 2: Select the field and product you wish to apply. Step 3: Preview the application rates, area and tonnage on-screen.  Select 'Apply Now' to start applying variably.  Your current position and progress across the field is displayed.

Your Questions

How does the SOYL-OPTI download whilst in the field?
The terminal has a mobile phone SIM card and connects to SOYL's secure server over the mobile network using software called SOYLsync.

Do I need computer skills to operate the SOYL-OPTI?
No, just follow the on-screen steps and touch the screen to make a selection.  The OPTI will do the rest.

Do I have to go through complicated settings to change the controller I'm working with?
No, you can preset 3 different controllers and the protocols will be set automatically.  If you purchase a new controller, this is easily set-up in a touch screen menu in the SOYL-OPTI.

Are there any on-going costs?
Yes, £30 per year to cover support and updates.

Do I have to have a SOYL-OPTI to use SOYL maps?
No, SOYL will still provide application files to suit all GPS application systems.

If you would like to find out more about the SOYL-OPTI please speak to your usual SOYL contact or call 01635 204190.



TELEPHONE: 01635 204190


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