SOYLsense 2007 Results Bring Benefits of £40/ha 

15 December 2007

Results from the 2007 harvest have been reported in the £40 - £80 per hectare gross margin benefit range for wheat. Oilseed rape, barley and oats have all performed well too when compared to normal practice.

The benefits in 2005 at £25 per ha and 2006 at £30 per ha were calculated based on wheat at £60 and £70 respectively so the current grain market virtually doubles the potential payback.

For 2007 we have improved the pricing and extended the satellite imagery acquisition window. In 2007 we served 140 customers for the SOYLsense Variable Rate Nitrogen. We have additional staff in place for 2008 but will be limiting the service to 250 customers to ensure acceptable service and attention to detail. 2007 customers will have a place reserved for them. New SOYLsense users should contact their usual SOYL contact.

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