SOYLsense Frequently Asked Questions

How many images can I expect to receive?
Based on acquisition achieved in 2010 and 2011 you can expect to receive and average of 14 images of your farm throughout the growing season.

What about cloud cover?
The satellites can not take a reading through cloud; therefore, if the weather is overcast a clear image may not be taken. Intense satellite planning is performed in the SOYL office to ensure that acquisition happens both in areas with the clearest weather forecasts and in areas not covered by recent imagery.

I use a liquid product – can I still use SOYLsense?
Yes, if your sprayer controller has a GPS function.

Do I have to use the website myself?
No, SOYLsense is a service – we can either hold your hand through using the website or we can do everything in office for you and e-mail out the files.

How quickly can I get my applications maps?
The SOYLsense Team are on hand to create application maps seven days a week from early morning to early evening. We ask for two days notice for application file production (to help manage our workload) but if you are unable to give this, we do have a very rapid turn around so are able to send you at least one field to get you started within one hour of the request.

Is GPS equipment essential?
No, the satellite images and Leaf Area Index maps are very useful in managing your crops through the season and can be used to assist whole farm management decisions as well as manual adjustment to nitrogen applications.
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